Investigating Hatchery Effectiveness

Hatcheries were first built on the West Coast in Canada and the U.S. in the late 19th century. Salmon runs were already declining. Today, hundreds of hatcheries pepper the Pacific Northwest's coasts and rivers. In British Columbia, hatcheries…

PSF invests $1.1 million to boost community-led salmon conservation efforts

In spring of 2022, the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s (PSF’s) Community Salmon Program distributed more than $1.1 million in funding to 116 community-led salmon conservation, enhancement, and habitat restoration projects across British Columbia.…

Protected: A window of opportunity to prevent silent steelhead extinctions

Sturgeon Bank — a stretch of the Fraser River delta located off the west coast of Richmond, British Columbia — has lost at least 160 hectares of tidal marsh habitat over the last three decades due to dredging, dikes, and other human interventions.
Amy Romer

Salmon Health: Recent Studies Pack 1-2 Punch Against Open-net Salmon Farms

Salmon Health Program poised for further advances thanks to North Family Foundation gift.  Two recent peer-reviewed papers out of PSF’s Salmon Health Program (successor to the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative) help shed light on the impact…
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New research indicates pathogen levels are twelve times higher near salmon farms

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Fraser River sockeye salmon more likely to carry Tenacibaculum maritimum near open-net salmon farms in the Discovery Islands. May 18, 2022 Vancouver, B.C. — New research indicates that Fraser sockeye were much more likely to harbour…
a fish farm in the Broughton Archipelago

Salmon Health research to advance thanks to North Family Foundation gift

Vancouver, B.C. – The Pacific Salmon Foundation Salmon Health Program launches today thanks to a $450,000 donation from the North Family Foundation, led by long-time salmon advocates Rudy and Patricia North. The donation will advance critical…

Pulling for salmon

When extreme weather wreaks havoc, people pitch in Last November passionate people put on their waders and stepped into the icy waters in the fields flooded by the Sumas River, pulling for Pacific salmon. “These are our most endangered…
Amy Romer

Salmon Health — PSF and the DFO research team

One of our core values at the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) is that we never go it alone. We work with partners — People for Salmon — across B.C. and the Yukon who share our passion and resolve to save and restore wild Pacific salmon. One…
A screenshot of the Pacific Salmon Explorer.

Columbia River salmon data now available in the Pacific Salmon Explorer

The best publicly-available data for Pacific salmon in the Columbia River watershed is now available in the Pacific Salmon Explorer, an online data visualization tool developed by the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s (PSF) Salmon Watersheds Program,…