2022 Duncanby Fundraiser Tops Record to Support Percy Walkus Hatchery

After Covid either delayed or cancelled the two previously scheduled annual events, the Duncanby Lodge fundraiser was held in person June 4-7. With 100% of the proceeds supporting operational costs of the Percy Walkus Hatchery, this year’s event set a fundraising record with more than $600,000 raised. Dave Maki donated a hand-carved Chinook representing a local hatchery fish that brought in a whopping $30,000 pledge.

Caption from left: PSF’s Cory Matheson with Don McNeice, President of Bridgeview Marine, pictured with Chinook — carved and donated to the fundraiser by Dave Maki.

Established in 2016, the Percy Walkus Hatchery plays a key role in conserving salmon at Rivers Inlet in the Central Coast region of British Columbia. Run by the Wuikinuxv Nation and supported by Duncanby Lodge,  Good Hope Cannery, Rick Hansen Foundation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the hatchery provides a model to conserve, restore, and enhance unique salmon stocks. A key objective is to rebuild vulnerable Rivers Inlet salmon stocks including Chinook, coho, and chum.

The hatchery employs advanced genetic tools and “parental-based tagging” — the gold standard in managing genetic diversity — making it possible to trace the parents of every hatchery fish that returns. The hatchery boasts a greater than 90% egg-to-fry survival rate and the coded-wire tag returns indicate that enhancement efforts are contributing to increased escapements over time.

“It was instilled in me that there should be enough salmon for today but also for those who aren’t here yet. Salmon affect all of us and it’s important that we have buy-in from sport and commercial fishing, First Nations, industry, and government. If we don’t unify on salmon there will be none left.” – Ted Walkus, Hereditary Chief, Wuikinuxv First Nation.

Special thanks to the many generous donors who support the Percy Walkus Hatchery including Duncanby Fishing Lodge, Good Hope Cannery, Bridgeview Marine, and many others.

To learn more about hatchery effectiveness, visit: Hatchery Effectiveness – PSF Marine Science Program