PSF Community Bursaries spotlight – James Kennedy


The Stewardship Community Bursary is awarded to students in B.C. and the Yukon dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Pacific salmon. The intent is to reduce the financial barriers in order to support their career goal in salmon conservation. Meet Stewardship Community Bursary recipient James Kennedy, UBC Science Class of ’22, and congratulations to him upon graduation!

James Kennedy

PSF Community Bursaries Program Recipient, Fall 2021

What do you study?

I am studying biology, with a focus on physiology and biochemistry at the University of British Columbia. I recently graduated in May 2022 from this program after four years of hard work. UBC is a research-focused post-secondary institution and I’ve had the honour of being able to spend my final year studying physiological systems in salmon, mainly the process of smoltification.

Why did you pursue that field of study?

I’ve always been fascinated by biological systems, I love studying life and all of the processes that facilitate it. My focus on physiology came down to me excelling in coursework as well as finding a phenomenal professor who became my mentor and sparked my passion and interest. For me, physiology is the best field of biology because it incorporates the other domains of science – chemistry and physics – and uses them to explain how the systems that enable life function. My interest in salmon began with my father who has been an avid salmon conservationist his whole life and is my role model. My professor at UBC who I did my research under specializes in salmon physiology so it worked out perfectly.

How has the PSF bursary supported you?

This bursary has helped finance my education and research, and helped me achieve my Bachelor of Science degree from UBC.

How do you think this bursary can positively impact other students pursuing careers related to salmon conservation?

This bursary can help fund their education, research, and/or conservation work. In addition to the immediate financial benefits, this would allow them to bolster their credentials and CV which will allow them to pursue, and likely achieve, many of their aspirations related to a prosperous career in salmon research and conservation.


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