PSF perspective on the federal government’s fisheries mandate

We at PSF are delighted to hear that Joyce Murray, the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, has confirmed the federal government’s commitment to phase out open-net pen fish farms from British Columbia by 2025. Our independent research on the issue shows that open-net pens pose a substantial risk to Pacific salmon. We fully support the government’s plan to create a responsible transition plan away from open-net pens and look forward to seeing the next steps of the plan. Our research teams continue to monitor and assess the risk of pathogens on the health of wild Pacific salmon.

PSF is equally pleased with the federal government’s new mandate letter for Minister Murray and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which references many objectives that PSF has been actively pursuing. Through our partnerships with Crown and Indigenous governments, local stewardship groups, and ENGOs, we are committed to continuing to be a leader and catalyst for Pacific salmon conservation and recovery. This will include working with Minister Murray to advance the goals of the Pacific Salmon Strategy and Oceans Protection Plan, advancing climate adaptation for salmon through strategic investments, and protecting, restoring, and cleaning up our freshwater and marine ecosystems. Recovering Pacific salmon will take major, long-term commitments – likely a minimum of ten years. Recent investments by the federal and B.C. governments are a significant start and we at PSF are keen to do all we can to get on with the hard work that salmon need us to undertake.




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