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Evolution of Commercial Salmon Fisheries in British Columbia (The)

This paper traces the trends in fisheries management from the 1960s to the present period. The report does much to inform the public on how the fishery has evolved from a large industrial scale to the current smaller more controlled scale designed to improve salmon conservation. The commercial salmon fishery has undergone significant changes to […]


Responsible Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries

This report specifically addresses the issue of responsible fishing in  Canada’s Pacific Region with a focus on the BC salmon fishery. We examine what responsible fishing means, what is driving the move towards more responsible salmon fishing, what is inhibiting it, and what can be done to further support responsible fishing. We identify options, recommendations […]


North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership: Harrison Basin Certification Application

In 2009, the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council published a report which recommended that Canada participate in the Salmon Stronghold Partnership in order to test the Salmon Strongholds approach in Canada, including the scientific evaluation and ranking of a potential stronghold (Beeson, 2009). Recognizing the Harrison Basin’s fisheries values, the Council decided, after first meeting […]


Freshwater for Fish and People: Moving Towards “Living Water Smart”

Note: The report is accompanied by a plain-language brochure.   In British Columbia, and elsewhere, water managers are faced with the challenge of balancing competing demands for water. Limits in supply or high demand create situations of water scarcity where not enough water is available for both human (out-of-stream) and ecological (instream) needs. As well, […]


The Evolution of Recreational Salmon Fisheries in British Columbia

This report explains how the recreational and sports salmon fishery evolved in British Columbia and how it has undergone significant growth in the last century. The dual challenge of designing conservation measures and enduring fishing opportunities for anglers is one of the themes of the report. The authors explain  that the long-term sustainability of both […]


Climate Effects On Pacific Salmon In The Ocean: Creating A Canadian Focus

The North Pacific Ocean is a vast ecosystem that changes not only with seasonal cycles, but also over decades and centuries. Ecosystem changes at this oceanic scale affect Canadian salmon populations, which spend most of their lives in the marine environment. Given that the effects of global warming, successful stewardship of Canadian Pacific Salmon will […]


Priorities and Strategies for Canada’s Wild Pacific Salmon and Steelhead

Over a period of 11 years, the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council has provided public information and offered strategic advice to ministers responsible for protecting and sustaining wild salmon and steelhead stocks and habitats. This report summarizes many of the key findings and recommendations contained in the 69 background papers, advisories and other Council publications. […]


Computer Modelling of Marine Ecosystems

Fisheries ecosystem modelling could be a useful tool to complement present approaches to salmon research and management on Canada’s west coast. Ecosystem modelling refers to a computer application that simulates, through time, biological changes such as biomass, mortality, catch, feeding and competition in managed species. The models emulate such changes by considering factors like environment, […]