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Salmon Stocks

(Background Paper by Carl Walters and Josh Korman, June 1999) Providing a broad species by species overview of stock status and trends for BC as a whole.


Climate Change and Salmon Stocks

A one day workshop, hosted by the PFRCC had a focus on: “What is the most alarming potential impact of climate change on salmon stocks?” and “What is the best strategy to adopt?


Does Over-Escapement Cause Salmon Stock Collapse?

This report looked at all available information from British Columbia on whether large spawning populations that exceeded “normal”, target or historical numbers, were followed by stock collapses. There was evidence that there was a levelling-off of salmon production for runs having a high escapement, but there was no evidence of over-escapement causing stock collapse.


Pacific Salmon Resources in Central and North Coast British Columbia

This report was prepared by Dr. Brian Riddell to inform the PFRCC and the public about the status and prospects of salmon stocks and habitat in the northern and central coastal regions of British Columbia. It chronicles the serious problems of inadequate information, and helps to inform the current discussion about how wild salmon stocks […]


Fraser River Sockeye

(Background Paper authored by Richard Routledge and Ken Wilson, June 1999) This paper detailed historical trends regarding Fraser River sockeye runs.


Conference on Early Migration and Premature Mortality in Fraser River Late-Run Sockeye Salmon: Proceedings Forest Sciences Cent

This is a report on the proceedings of a conference held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in June of 2008. Close to 70 participants attended, from universities, private consulting companies, fisheries management organizations, non-governmental environmental organizations and First Nations.1 Several of the participants were graduate students who learned from the conference rather than contributing to discussions. […]


Coast Wide Coho

(Background paper authored by Richard Routledge and Ken Wilson, June 1999) Abstract: Canada’s management and protection of freshwater coho habitat leaves much to be desired. The effect of loss and degradation of freshwater coho habitat in the decline of southern BC coho is complex.