Drought Affecting Salmon

If you see drought conditions in your area that are impacting salmon habitat or might be impeding salmon migration, please use the reporting tool below.

With significant portions of B.C. currently at a level 4 or 5 drought level, we expect to see adverse effects on habitat.  Warm stream temperatures and drought are two significant factors that can affect salmon survival and reproductive success. Parched streams and side-channels along rivers become unviable habitat for returning adult salmon and juveniles.


Look for low water levels that are impeding the passage of salmon to their spawning grounds, or stranding them in water that might be too warm.


Note the location and adverse conditions you are seeing, along with any other details you think might be helpful. If you can, document with photos.


Report the details using PSF’s drought reporting tool and provide your contact information so we can get in touch with you if further information is needed.

For concerns regarding human activities impacting salmon or for enforcement issues, please contact the DFO ORR line via email or phone.
(Email: DFO.ORR-ONS.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Call toll free: 1-800-465-4336, In greater Vancouver call: 604-607-4186)


Reports received through this Drought Affecting Salmon Reporting Tool will improve our collective knowledge of climate change with more eyes on the ground, and will be shared with DFO, the Province of B.C., and other technical experts.

For questions or assistance with this reporting tool, please contact Jane Pendray, Salmon and Climate Adaptation Program Manager, at emergencyresponse@psf.ca

News and Updates

Urgent action allows thousands of salmon to pass through Bridge Rapids

A collaborative effort near Lillooet has given thousands of salmon the chance to migrate upstream to spawning grounds after being stuck at a drought-stricken rapids section.

Drought Strikes B.C. Again.

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As the province warns of “long-term, significant drought” this summer, impacts on salmon are imminent. While those exact impacts are to be determined, PSF and partners seek innovative, cost-effective solutions to help salmon adapt.


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Sept. 07, 2023 The Pacific Salmon Foundation has activated time-sensitive pilot projects across the province, from B.C.’s interior watersheds to Vancouver Island streams to help salmon as they struggle to survive in the face of extreme…