Selection and use of indicators to measure the habitat status of wild Pacific salmon

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G.A. Packman & Associates and Winsby Environmental Services were retained by the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (PFRCC) to complete a review of background information relevant to the selection of habitat indicators for wild Pacific salmon, in support of implementing “Canada’s Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon” (the Wild Pacific Salmon Policy). Results from the review were used to plan and support an expert technical workshop held on November 17, 2005. The purpose of the expert technical workshop was to: receive feedback on the information compiled; build consensus on selection of candidate indicators, information availability and requirements for additional information; and identify feasible next steps to develop indicators further. Following the expert technical workshop, a workshop report was prepared and conclusions and recommendations were developed based on the consensus outcomes from the workshop.

Key findings from the review of background information were that considerable work had already been done in reviewing and identifying wild Pacific salmon habitat indicators. A total of eight (8) rationalized lists of indicators had been compiled and are presented in Appendix 2. There was a great deal of similarity across the lists, with variation arising as a result of the intended purpose and application circumstances of the indicators. From the background information, it was apparent that, while indicator selection had been completed on a number of occasions, implementation had not been so successful.