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Principles for the conservation of wild living resources

Abstract We describe broadly applicable principles for the conservation of wild living resources and mechanisms for their implementation. These principles were engendered from three starting points. First, a set of principles for the conservation of wild living resources (Holt and Talbot 1978) required reexamination and updating. Second, those principles lacked mechanisms for implementation and consequently […]


Fisheries, Ocean Ranching and Aquaculture: Economic Gain Spatial Analysis (Draft August 2003)

Summary The terms of reference for this project include answering the following key questions: What are the best types of economic gain for this region? How would these gains be obtained? What is the potential size and structure of the gain? What is the distribution of the gain? What are the minimum and maximum levels […]


Economic Dimensions of Skeena Watershed Salmonid Fisheries

This report provides an economic snapshot of contemporary fisheries for Skeena salmon and steelhead, including aboriginal, commercial, and sport fisheries. The focus of the economic study is to: (1) gain a comprehensive understanding of the Skeena-area commercial salmon industry, (2) gain a similar level of understanding of the marine and freshwater recreational fisheries on the […]