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Principles for the conservation of wild living resources

Abstract We describe broadly applicable principles for the conservation of wild living resources and mechanisms for their implementation. These principles were engendered from three starting points. First, a set of principles for the conservation of wild living resources (Holt and Talbot 1978) required reexamination and updating. Second, those principles lacked mechanisms for implementation and consequently […]


A New Direction for Canada’s Pacific Salmon Fisheries

Summary In British Columbia, salmon serve as food for First Nations and are a source of their cultural identity; they provide jobs and income for Canadians, businesses and coastal communities; they provide recreation and enhance our quality of life; and serve as a measure of our environmental health and well being. Pacific salmon help define […]


The World Summit on Salmon: Proceedings

Summary The World Summit on Salmon evolved in response to growing concerns of scientists and others about the future of the salmon stocks of the world, in light of the recent collapses of a number of the fish stocks globally, including Canada’s North Atlantic Cod. Participants in the three-day workshop examined the factors associated with […]


Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future

Summary Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland report, was published in 1987 as the outcome of the work of the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED). The report focuses on sustainable development and addresses different issues related to environmental problems and the global economy.  


A Policy for Selective Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Fisheries

Summary Because different species and stocks often mingle in the open ocean and river fisheries, fishers seeking stocks in greater abundance regularly catch less abundant or threatened fish stocks, marine mammals and seabirds. Even a ban on fishing a particular stock or species will not enable the recovery of a severely weakened population in many […]


An evaluation of the effects of conservation and fishery enhancement hatcheries on wild populations of salmon

Abstract The historical, political and scientific aspects of salmon hatchery programmes designed to enhance fishery production, or to recover endangered populations, are reviewed. We start by pointing out that the establishment of hatcheries has been a political response to societal demands for harvest and conservation; given this social context, we then critically examined the levels […]