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Helping Pacific Salmon Survive the Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Habitats: Pursuing Proactive and Reactive Adaptation Strategies

Description For many generations in western Canada, five species of Pacific salmon have provided a defining role to native and non-native peoples. As a reflection of this cultural importance, there has been a long-standing tradition of communities and governments taking action to help salmon cope with both natural and human pressures on their survival. Recently, […]


Conference on Early Migration and Premature Mortality in Fraser River Late-Run Sockeye Salmon: Proceedings

Description This is a report on the proceedings of a conference held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in June of 2008. (…) Scott Hinch, Chair of the conference organizing committee (which included Mike Lapointe and David Patterson), explained that, since 1995, large segments of Late-run sockeye salmon populations have forgone their normal estuarine […]


The evolution of commercial salmon fisheries in British Columbia

Description In this paper, we shed light on how the management and operation of the commercial salmon fishery has changed over the past few decades, so that the reader may make an informed assessment of how this key salmon resource user is contributing to, or detracting from, the overall health and diversity of BC’s salmon […]


Freshwater for Fish and People: Moving Towards “Living Water Smart”

Description In British Columbia, and elsewhere, water managers are faced with the challenge of balancing competing demands for water. Limits in supply or high demand create situations of water scarcity where not enough water is available for both human (out-of-stream) and ecological (instream) needs. As well, governing laws, institutions, or managers often do not to […]


Priorities and Strategies for Canada’s Wild Pacific Salmon and Steelhead: Advisory Report of the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council

Description Over a period of eleven years the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council has provided public information and offered strategic advice to ministers responsible for protecting and sustaining wild salmon and steelhead stocks and habitats. This report summarizes many of the key findings and recommendations contained in the 69 background papers, advisories and other Council […]


Responsible Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries

Description This report builds on… two earlier reports and specifically addresses the issue of responsible fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region with a focus on the BC salmon fishery. We examine what responsible fishing means, what is driving the move towards more responsible salmon fishing, what is inhibiting it, and what can be done to further […]


What’s happening to wild salmon in your community? What the Council heard: North Coast Public Meetings March 6-8, 2007

Summary The North Coast meetings represented the third PFRCC [Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council] regional tour so far in an ongoing series that seeks to share information with communities and to receive their knowledge and views on the state of wild Pacific salmon and their habitat. The current series began with a tour of Vancouver […]


Climate effects on pacific salmon in the ocean – creating a canadian focus

Description The first part of this report reviews literature on Pacific salmon. The following themes have emerged; carrying capacity: bottom-up control; fisheries and predation: top-down control; the influence of salmon hatcheries; the effects of competition and density-dependence; the existence of a critical phase in the ocean; different salmon production regimes in space and time; and […]


Helping Pacific Salmon Survive the Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Habitats: Case Studies: Perspectives from the Okanagan, Quesnel, Nicola, Cowichan, Nass, and Englishman River Watersheds

Description The purpose of this report and companion document, “Helping Pacific salmon survive the impact of climate change on freshwater habitats: Pursuing proactive and reactive adaptation strategies”6 is to facilitate thinking and planning around feasible options that could be implemented. In general, this report integrates ideas from the other one into a local context of […]


Responsible Fishing in Canada’s Pacific Region Salmon Fisheries: Synopsis

Summary Responsible fishing practices are being incorporated into fisheries around the world, including the BC salmon fishery. The BC salmon fishery’s move towards more responsible fishing is supported by both international and Canadian agreements and laws. Other initiatives, such as Marine Stewardship Council certification, also promote responsible fishing practices. Nevertheless, several constraints keep the BC […]